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Whether on the sand at Pismo Beach, over the phone or via Skype, Deb’s readings help bring you clarity, meaning and direction.

Access Your Inner Truth & Wisdom

Deb accesses Intuitive Guidance through communication with Spirit Guides, the Angelic Spectrum and loved ones who have passed on. She serves as a catalyst to awaken her client’s inner truth and wisdom to help them with questions like, “How am I doing in life?” or, “Why do I feel blocked in my career?”. To help find the answers they seek, she focuses on their questions and concerns, intuitively sees inside the issues, and sheds light on the contributing factors. She then shares useful and applicable guidance on how to improve their current situations and bring more balance and joy to their lives. Deb’s greatest joy is working with clients, assisting them to truthfully listen to their intuition and helping them foster their own wisdom and inner guidance.

Find Clarity, Meaning & Direction with Intuitive Guidance Readings

Always delivered in a caring and non-judgmental manner, an Intuitive Guidance Reading with Deb helps bring clarity, meaning and direction to her clients. When they learn to access and trust their own intuition, her clients create a whole new authentic place from which to make better decisions, increase creativity, enjoy greater success, develop more loving relationships and even discover their purpose in life. How wonderful it is to understand that we all possess the knowledge we need to change our own lives!

During an Intuitive Guidance session, Deb readily shares the messages she receives with her clients. Whether the issues are personal or professional, Deb provides unique perspective to aid her clients on their journeys.

Frequent Client Concerns

• Learning how to access your own intuition
• Life purpose: feeling lost or at a crossroads
• Global unrest and hopelessness
• Past life issues
• Dealing with phobias, especially the dreaded dental phobia
• Living with autism: yourself, a family member or a friend

• Physical concerns: illness, disease, fatigue and distressing diagnoses
• Emotional issues, stress, overwhelm and grief
• Self-esteem, body image and self-sabotage
• Family situations, relationship blues and/or loneliness
• Difficulty at work and troublesome coworkers

• Discovering what is holding you back from success
• Getting past personal and professional energetic roadblocks
• How to find balance and joy in life

Personal Insights Gained

An Intuitive Guidance Reading offers Deb’s clients the self-awareness needed to access their inner truth and wisdom, and the direction needed to continue on their current path or to consider a course-correction. Whether the session is in person on the beach, via Skype or over the phone, personal insights gained during a reading generally click and make sense right away. Additionally, some insights sink in after her clients have a chance to process the information, which is why Deb suggests her clients take notes for review and reflection afterwards.

Types of Readings

Intuitive Guidance Reading on the Sand at Pismo Beach

Enjoy the healing properties of sun, sand and surf while receiving an Intuitive Guidance Reading right on the beach. 

Meet with Deb at beautiful Pismo Beach, located on the Central Coast of California – the exact location will be provided in the confirmation email. Bring a list of your questions or concerns and be prepared to take notes if you’d like. When the reading has concluded, stay as long as you wish and enjoy the spectacular ocean ambiance while reflecting on the insights you’ve received.
90 minute beach session: $270, 60 minute beach session: $180
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Intuitive Guidance Reading on the Phone or via Skype

With no commuting required, receive an Intuitive Guidance Reading in the comfort of your own surroundings.


Prior to calling Deb using the number provided in the confirmation email, take a few minutes to get relaxed, comfortable and focused. Be sure to have a list of your questions or concerns ready and be prepared to take notes if you’d like. After the reading has concluded and before resuming your day, you may find it helpful to set aside some time for quiet reflection.
60 minute phone session: $150, 30 minute phone session: $75
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  • “During a very challenging time, Debra was able to provide thoughtful, detailed guidance which helped me to navigate through a major transition. She was also able to tap into some powerful information regarding my son which was incredibly helpful for both of us. Debra’s connection with Spirit is comforting, empathetic and precise and she is a trusted source of wisdom in my life.”

    ~Susette, Morro Bay

  • “You know that each morning when I wake up, and before I open my eyes, I think of what and who I am grateful for and YOU are in the top 5 of that list! Such sage words and pure guidance is amazing! You are absolutely correct in everything you said.”

    ~D. R., San Luis Obispo

  • “I have had the honor of working with Debra several times and she has proved to be authentic, supportive, intuitive and knowledgeable in all aspects of our time together.
    She is a gift!”

    ~Melissa, San Luis Obispo

  • “I have received intuitive guidance from Deb many times, and each time has left me more empowered with the knowledge that I have the ability within me to listen and act on my own inner guidance. Each time I see Deb it seems more and more doors open for me, and I am able to see more of the signs that are there to guide me. The greatest benefit that I continually receive from Deb is her guidance relating to family relationships and resolving issues surrounding them. She has helped me manage my exhaustion, feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed out, and I can’t thank her enough. My work with Deb has truly brought me feelings of peace and balance as I no longer worry so much about the unknown. I am learning to trust my own knowing!”

    ~Dana, San Luis Obispo

Schedule a Reading

Please submit the form below to schedule a reading. You’ll receive a list of available dates and times for your Intuitive Guidance Reading. Once a session is scheduled, you’ll receive a confirmation email and an invoice through PayPal, where you can pay securely with a credit card or bank account. Payment must be received at least 24 hours before the date scheduled or your session will be automatically cancelled.

I agree to the terms and conditions* listed below.

Terms and Conditions*

Client is 100% responsible for any action taken based on their interpretation of the insights presented on this website or during a session. A session with Deb is in no way meant to replace medical and/or legal advice and does not guarantee specific results. Statements, services and products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. When dealing with physical and/or mental illness or disease, always consult a qualified physician, medical professional, counselor or therapist. Guidance and information from a session are meant as guidelines only and to help the client better reflect upon his/her life, including the past, the present and the potential future. By clicking submit, you agree to these terms and release Debra O. Star from any and all medical, legal and fiscal responsibility.